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本月報名 最低減免1000元
  • 3-5歲
  • 6-8歲
  • 9-12歲
  • 13-18歲
  • 房山良鄉校區
  • 房山長陽地鐵校區
  • 房山城關校區
  • 長陽花冠天地校區
  • 房山新悅都校區
  • 房山金隅糖+ 校區
  • 房山燕山美廉美校區
  • 房山閆村綠城百合校區
  • 房山竇店華冠購物中心校區
  • 燕郊公園校區
  • 燕郊潤旭商城校區
  • 燕郊天洋城四代校區
  • 燕順路步行街校區
  • 豐臺云岡校區
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Ever since I started teaching , I have been passionate in my commitment in 2 things: maximizing individual student performance and instilling a sense of self-worth among the students.

I like establishing clear objectives for each lesson and work to meet those specific objectives during each class.

I also like maintaining open communication with the parents and keep them informed by making myself available for phone calls, meetings and e-mails.

I have high expectations of all of my students and encourage them to work at their best level , hoping I’ll have a long-lasting impact on their lives and inspire them towards greatness.


 I'm a teacher from Canada. I have been teaching for about 3 years now. I really love working with children and putting smiles on their faces! My teaching methods are to combine education and fun by getting creative while planning out my lessons. I love engaging children with hands-on activities, singing and dancing. I have found that younger children grasp more from my lessons when they are interested, excited and curious about learning English. As a teacher, my role in the classroom is to encourage positive behavior, share my knowledge and make students believe that learning IS fun!


 I'm a native speaker from Canada and I have been teaching for almost two years. I have experience with all ages of children and teenagers. My goal is to make sure all of my students learn to the best of their abilities no matter what level they start from.


I’m Rina, 29, and I have 2 years teaching experience to both young learners and adults. I enjoy teaching different age groups, and I’ve done it successfully over the past two of years.

Teaching is a very gratifying experience and I see the role of the teacher in the classroom as a facilitator more than a leader. I’m flexible and always try to adapt to the needs and interests of my students so as to create a stimulating learning environment where students are comfortable to be themselves, learn at their own pace, and acquire relevant English skills.




畢業于中央民族大學法學與英語專業,百特英語在職中教。堅持寓教于樂,因材施教的教學法,堅信授之以魚,不如授之以漁。Motto: Tough time won't last, tough people do.





Motto: Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. No good thing ever dies.


  • 3-5歲
  • 6-8歲
  • 9-12歲
  • 13-18歲